Chimney Repair

chimney repair

Let us make sure your chimney repair is safe!

Is your chimney pulling away from your house? Do you tend to ignore chimney

maintenance beyond the occasional flue cleaning? Do not forget that, if left untreated, a

crumbling chimney can cost you big-time.

There is nothing more important than the safety of you and your family. When the

chimney liner is cracked, water and bugs can get in the gaps and combustible gases may

be leaked into your home. What’s more, falling stones and bricks can lead to severe


Bricks should be replaced when cracked, as well as stones when moulded or carved due

to erosion and fracture, ideally matching the details of the original design and ensuring

that bed joints are finished correctly.

The old pointing has also to be raked out and replaced when mortar is soft and loose, or

if it has weathered out and degraded, leaving your home susceptible to all kinds of

damage. Preferably, there should be repointing of stonework and brick, according to its

original form.

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